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Business solutions and services to meet specific industry needs


Finding a company that understands consumer, compliance, security and technology requirements within a specific industry is one of the most important criteria when selecting a services partner.

Avnet understands technology from years of hands-on experience, the demands that technology places on an organization and how those changes affect business operations within specific industries.​

Avnet is a single-source provider and trusted advisor with services and capabilities that span the IT lifecycle continuum - from procurement through integration, operations, management and disposal. Our industry experts have profound knowledge in developing solutions tailored for different verticals that provide organizations with measurable outcomes to accelerate growth.

Here are a few of the verticals we serve: ​

​Distribution, Logistics and​ Tr​​a​nsport​ation​​​

​Is ​s​​t​​o​ri​ng, tracking and maintaining every piece of equipment in your operations slowing you down? Is maintenance, refurbishing or recycling becoming a timely burden on your businesses?

Learn about Avnet's IT lifecycle asset management services for environmentally friendly and legally compliant solutions that span the entire IT lifecycle continuum - from design to disposal.

Government and Public Sector​​​​​

Having difficulties understanding and keeping up with intricacies, complexities, laws and regulations in your industry?
Is data protection and governance critical to your operation?

Can you handle data surges while protecting sensitive information?

Avnet designs and delivers 
hybrid cloud solutions​ that provide transparency, security and peace of mind. 


Under immense pressure to become more patient-centric and deliver fast, evidence-based care that improves health outcomes?

View Avnet's Application Lifecycle Management solutions​ and remain in compliance with important regulations, such as Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations.​​​


Is your customer experience transparent, omni-channel and on demand?

n your customers and employees interact how and when they want and have a consistent experience?

R​each the right audience via multiple touchpoints with an omni-channel digital strategy. Avnet can show you how.


Under pressure to do more with less?

Are your limited resources being used for the most pressing technology issues or just manual tasks?

Avnet's sensible, pragmatic and vendor-agnostic IT operations and management solutions
 use your existing IT assets to improve and streamline performance and efficiency without having to do a rip-and-replace of your entire IT environment.

Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment​​​

Looking to cut operational costs while delivering a better experience for customers, visitors or fans?

Spending hours and days manually pulling and sorting data from disparate sources?

Unlock the value of your data quickly and simply with Avnet's 
business intelligence and analytics solutions​ and discover new business and revenue opportunities.

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