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What’s a MOOC and why is it the latest in learning?

​We sat down with Avnet training expert Paul Lebar, senior services director for Avnet Academy, and asked him a few questions about the latest trend in online training.Q: What is a MOOC?Lebar: Digital technologies and widespread global access to the Internet have allowed educators to change the way training is delivered. The MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) method of delivering education on a larger, global scale started in the academic community a few years back and has been gaining popularity to educate on a wide variety of subjects.

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4 Steps to Gaining C-level Support for Analytics in Your Organization

​Analytics is a ‘buzzword’ to most C-level executives. They hear about analytics at conferences, in business publications and even on television commercials, but they have very little real understanding of what analytics is and how implementing an analytics solution can create value for the organization.For organizations that are not data-driven and do not have an analytics strategy or platform, business users often believe they are already doing analytics on a daily basis. These users create massive spreadsheets from several different systems and try to tie the data together and call it ‘analytics.’

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