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Using metrics to gain insight into your application lifecycle

​The creation of an application begins with a business case, moves into development, goes through a series of maintenance and update phases, and eventually draws to a close when the application is retired or replaced. To effectively manage an application’s lifecycle, you need to understand what’s happening at every stage. Metrics, or measurements, provide insights that help to track the quality and velocity of the application lifecycle. There are many metrics you can choose to look at. A pragmatic place to start would be risk analysis for the application requirements. Another is defect trending, which refers to the number of defects that remain open when the application is first pushed into testing.

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Automation 101: Benefits of leveraging automation when developing software

​Automation is about taking repetitive manual tasks and ensuring they are done in an automated fashion without human intervention. It can be a simple script that performs one action – such as looking for the word “error” in a log file and copying the entire message to another file – or a program that consists of many complex scripts that perform complex operations – such as what delivery organizations use to validate a shipping address. There are many reasons why a company would want to utilize automation. For one, human labor is an expense in an organization and it can often seem like a poor investment employ someone or even a team of people just to perform mundane and repetitive tasks. 

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New vs Used vs Remanufactured vs Refurbished

If you're confused by the different terms used by computer manufacturers and resellers, you're not alone. Many times buyers of IT equipment and hardware have questions about the difference between new and unused or remanufactured and refurbished when it comes to servers, storage and networking equipment. Not knowing the difference in this terminology can make it difficult to accurately compare prices. To alleviate this confusion and help you become a more informed consumer, here are some handy definitions of the most commonly-used terms.​

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