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3 tweaks to system health monitoring can improve your mobile application performance

​Mobile applications operate much like human organs.  What do I mean by that?  Well, your mobile application's success is dependent on the holistic system health, or the overall health of the support system on which it depends. Much like the failure of a single organ in a human body can trigger other organ systems to struggle or fail, a problem or failure in any of the backend support systems (software or infrastructure-based) can cause an otherwise perfectly functional application to stop working effectively. It's easy to forget that a mobile application doesn't exist in isolation. It's enabled by supporting services and infrastructure which provide it with the capability to execute the functions for which it was designed. A mobile application may share database services, other application services, backend network to fetch data, web servers and other components of a larger system that deliver discrete or complex business functions. Therefore, holistic system health is critical to its performance.

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4 small DevOps wins that can lead to big gains

​Implementing a DevOps model does not mean wiping the slate clean of each team’s independent challenges and objectives, but rather, leveraging existing processes and understanding different roles in order to support the scalability and agility needed to stay competitive. Different teams have different​​ concerns. While developmental teams are driven by user needs for frequent delivery of new features, operations teams focus on availability, stability of IT services and cost efficiency. Automation and integration can address both developmental and operational needs, and since it’s likely you already have the tools you need in-house, knowing how to use them collectively goes a long way in optimizing your investments and processes. Here are 4 small wins that can pave the way for an integrated IT environment that’s fueled by DevOps.

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