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Maximize Your IT Training Budget in 2016

​As technology continues to grow and change, it can become much more difficult to rely on “learning on the job.” Say, for example, that something were to go wrong with your advanced data center technologies. You would need the ability to act fast to fix the problem immediately or suffer costly downtime and squandered resources. If you aren’t able to fix the problem, you’ll most likely have to outsource to a third party – again – which costs time and money.

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4 Questions that can help you avoid a costly IBM® Cognos license audit down the road

​IBM Cognos BI has a powerful and flexible security model that can be used in many different ways to suit your needs. A good security strategy means changes in the organization can be met with ease and questions about access and licenses can be accurately answered. Unfortunately, flexibility also means there’s lots of ways to do it wrong.Taking action is only a step away with easy-to-use security modules where security lineage and access rights can be reviewed allowing businesses to adjust gaps and inconsistencies in security.

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