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Did you have server problems playing Pokémon GO this weekend? You’re not alone

​​It’s not just kids playing the newest Pokémon app – admit it! This past weekend, it seemed that everyone – from kids to teens to adults – were out and about, their faces buried in their phones, actively hunting for virtual monsters they could catch, collect and train. As a self-proclaimed casual fan of Pokémon, I did not expect to get caught up in the hype. Yet, according to my phone’s pedometer, I walked nearly 20 miles this weekend, made it to Level 8 and became the leader of a Gym in my neighborhood (Team Yellow represent!). The Pokémon Company and Niantic’s app, Pokémon GO has fostered more attention, downloads and use than previously considered. Shortly after the release of the app, users experienced server issues that not only prevented gamers from loading and using the app, but also caused crashes and bugs that forced users to perform hard shut-downs and restarts. 

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Interview with iSpeak Cloud author Jeanne Morain

One of the highlights of HPE Discover 2016 was having Jeanne Morain, author of iSpeak Cloud: Crossing the Cloud Chasm, in Avnet's booth to sign copies of her book. I was able to sit down with Ms. Morain to ask her some questions on cloud computing and how companies can best leverage the cloud.  What inspired you to start writing? Jeanne Morain (JM): My very first book was on business service management and it stemmed from realizing that companies needed a guide to help them navigate their journey to transform people, process and technology.. During the early years, I quickly realized there was more misinformation and misinterpretation on best practices from those trying to guess or merely market the best path forward. This left many of my customers upset and spending exponentially more trying to figure it out themselves.

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