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4 Identity Management Challenges to Conquer in 2016

​Identity management plays an important part in our everyday lives. It uses all the different pieces of information we have about our users and systems to grant access to tools, functions, software or devices. Effective identity management is essential to enterprise security. Keeping identity information secure, reliable and usable is critical to ensuring that enterprise systems are used appropriately and that sensitive information is protected. Companies looking to simplify authentication need to decide in what ways users can and should be able to securely access their resources - both on location and remotely – and are coming up with creative ways whether it be via fingerprinting, facial recognition, passwords or keycards. 

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3 questions you should ask to mitigate cloud migration risk (Infographic)

When transformational moments in technology occur — like the introduction of cloud capabilities — issues or risks that we've tended to ignore or not address can manifest themselves in new systems, or can be further intensifi­ed through scale or changes in security protocols and infrastructure. Still, the benefits of cloud migration, from flexibility to improved disaster recovery to securing a competitive advantage with an improved and cohesive IT environment, are often well worth the effort.Once you've made the decision to migrate to the cloud, a thorough evaluation should be done to identify and address issues and risks to ensure your migration plan is successful. 

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