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Not able to attend VMworld last month? Here’s what you missed about attaining a SDDC

I’ve had some time to reflect on the messages delivered and lessons learned from VMworld 2016 – from Partner Exchange and from most of the breakout sessions. The promised Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) that VMware and other vendors have been speaking about over the past five years is no longer a long multi-vendor voyage. At VMworld 2016, VMware made the answer to how can you attain a SDDC clear: software and solutions pave the way. Businesses can achieve virtualized servers, storage and Networks along with management, monitoring and automation tools with products like vSphere, vRealize, VSPAN, NSX and Cloud Foundation/SDDC Foundation.   

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Improve your cybersecurity plan in 3 simple steps

Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more complex and more difficult to track and curtail. While attackers are able to patiently wait, probing and poking your network and data looking for ways in, security staff has to protect against external threats, accidental data leaks from staff, and even hostile actions from current and ex-staff. How can an organization possibly keep up when the threat or attacker seems to always be a step ahead? It seems a nearly insurmountable task, but despite a record amount of funding being diverted to security measures, many organizations still have not mastered the basics of IT security. Here are three simple steps that can immediately improve your odds against threats - external or internal.

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Enable multi-vendor, multi-silo cloud integration with faster time to market

Companies don’t want to reinvent the wheel or spend too much time and effort keeping up with constantly-changing technologies. When it comes to improving task efficiencies, many look to the tried-and-true methods used by peers or even competitors in the industry because it seems like a safer option than trying something new. There’s a better way to modernize your data center and improve efficiencies without the risk of blowing your budget on rip-and-replace hardware and software: leverage your existing investments. 

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