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4 easy ways to celebrate Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day is November 30​​​As technology continues to shape and influence our everyday world, it is important for us to be mindful of ways we can protect ourselves and enjoy the convenience the web and our electronic devices offer us. That’s why today (November 30th) we should all celebrate Computer Security Day. The holiday was first observed in 1988 as the result of the worst computer virus outbreak known as Jerusalem. Now businesses, schools and government organizations use the day to promote electronic and web security. ​

Here are a few ways you can celebrate Computer Security Day and protect your information a bit more.

​​​​​​​​ Do a password refresh ​

Most corporate technologies require password changes on a periodic basis and let’s face it – it’s annoying. First, there’s the countdown popup reminding you the password is about to expire. Then, there’s the ever-growing rules for what your new password needs to include and finally there’s that awkward period of time within the first week after changing your password when you keep entering the old one by mistake. Despite the frustration, each time you update your password, you are keeping your data safe from being exposed to cyber-attacks. 

Having problems remembering all those passwords? Then sign up for a password manager app. This tool can not only generate random passwords, but also saves them for you so you don’t have to remember each individual one. There are several apps available, but the one I’m currently using is called 2STP. It is based on the on the concept of two-step authentication​.

In the spirit of Computer Security Day, take these small steps to protect your personal data and change your personal device passwords. 

 Update your spyware and malware protection software

These days when you purchase a new device, the latest software updates – including security – are installed before you even turn it on for the first time. Most devices have the option of “pushing” notifications for updates; sometimes sending reminders as often as once a month or even once a week. It’s tempting to ignore these notifications but remember, as cyber-attacks evolve so must our defenses. Enable these notifications on your devices and follow-up with the updates so that you are always prepared with the latest technology that protect you and your data from new threats. 

 Back up your files and photographs
I don’t have my head in a cloud… but a lot of my stuff is there! Think about how heartbreaking it would be if you suddenly lost all of your work files, or how about if you lost all of the pictures you have on your phone? Take the time to back up your files, and then make it a habit to back up every Friday before you start the weekend. It’s better to take an extra minute than try to recreate important files or lose precious memories. If once a week seems too frequent try twice a month. You can also use USB flash drives as an extra, off-line back up option. 

 Leverage an online monitoring service 
I recently received a 12 month free trial of a finance monitoring service after a retail organization I frequent was hacked. I must say, I love the convenience of a service monitoring things - from your driver’s license to your credit to your bank accounts - and then sending alerts if there is any suspicious activity. Using a monitoring service is another good way to protect information. Most that are offered include a 30-day free trial. 

There are even monitoring options for larger-scale enterprises. Avnet’s Recon provides device protection by monitoring network systems, much like the personal monitoring tools on the market. Download the PDF to learn more​

​As technology evolves, so do cyber threats. Take action to protect both your personal and corporate data from criminals. Happy Computer Security Day! 

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Alisha Robinson:

​Alisha D. Robinson is a project leader for Demand Creation at Avnet. She is responsible for managing brand marketing campaigns for various supplier lines and collaborating with partners, vendors and internal resources to generate new revenue through marketing initiatives. ​