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Avnet bloggers share their 2017 IT New Year’s Resolutions

2017 IT ResolutionsIt’s been a running gag on the internet that 2016 has been a trying year; thankfully it’s over and 2017 is upon us. Last year we recommended some New Year’s Resolutions to help slim and trim your IT environment – this year we opened it up to some of our regular blogger and asked them one question: 

What is your 2017 IT New Year’s Resolution? 

Tim Camper, Sales Director
“My 2017 IT New Year’s Resolution is to avoid creating any more three-letter acronyms. I appreciate when things are easy to remember and acronyms do help my team and me to talk or write about products or solutions, but sometimes having all this lingo can be too much ‘IT speak’ and can get confusing.” 

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Alisha Robinson, Demand Creation Specialist
“My 2017 IT Resolution is to be more involved on social media. Specifically, I want to learn how to meme and hashtag with the best of them!” Read more from Alisha Robinson: 

Anuj Tuli, Director of Automation Solutions 
 “In 2017, I want to set up internal processes the same way we do it for our external ecosystem. I help customers use new technology, team structures and processes to uncover new ways to solve problems. More and more companies are looking to the cloud and 3rd platform and are ready to make the journey to the Software Defined Data Center, but migration can’t be accomplished without the right processes, technologies and people. It’s the foundation of any solution. This year, I want to translate that by reviewing some of my team’s goals to make sure that I have the foundation in place that will set us up for success.” 

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Laura Lentchitsky, Marketing Communications Specialist 
“Technology has the power to change lives and behavior so this year I want to use technology to help me live a healthier lifestyle. My husband and I have started to use an app that lets us share a grocery list and meal plan so there’s no excuse not to have healthy ingredients on-hand. I also want to start using my digital pedometer again – it syncs to my phone and keeps track of how much I’m moving.” 

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Harish Sathisan, Director of Mobility Solutions
“This year, I want to use cognitive systems and mobile phones to setup a smart home. I already started on the journey with a camera and movement-enabled doorbell. The internet of things is a really hot topic right now for many organizations including a lot of my customers, but personally I just love the idea of my entire house wired to my phone. Nothing says 2017 like a smart home!” 

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What will you accomplish in IT this 2017? ​

You’ve heard what we have to say, and now we want to hear from you! Follow us on social media and share your 2017 IT New Year’s Resolution! 

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Laura Lentchitsky:

​​​​​​As a seasoned storyteller and part of Avnet's marketing team, Laura Lentchitsky is responsible for developing content that takes hard-to-understand technical topics and translates them into enjoyable stories for readers. Her expertise focuses around Avnet's IT services capabilities in cloud, IT operations and management, IT asset management, and training and education. Laura's creativity and energy helps deliver Avnet's value proposition as a solutions provider and distributor in the IT industry to readers all over the globe. ​