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Avnet bloggers share their 2017 IT New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been a running gag on the internet that 2016 has been a trying year; thankfully it’s over and 2017 is upon us. Last year we recommended some New Year’s Resolutions to help slim and trim your IT environment – this year we opened it up to some of our regular blogger and asked them one question: What is your 2017 IT New Year’s Resolution?  Tim Camper, Sales Director "My 2017 IT New Year's Resolution is to avoid creating any more three-letter acronyms. I appreciate when things are easy to remember and acronyms do help my team and me to talk or write about products or solutions, but sometimes having all this lingo can be too much 'IT speak' and can get confusing."  Alisha Robinson, Demand Creation Specialist "My 2017 IT Resolution is to be more involved on social media. Specifically, I want to learn how to meme and hashtag with the best of them!" 

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Top 5 resolutions to get your IT environment fit in 2016

​It seems like everyone’s New Year’s resolution for 2016 is either to get in better shape or drop those extra holiday pounds; but a whopping 36% of us will drop our resolution after the first month. With the excitement of the new year starting to fade, how about making an achievable IT resolution that will get your environment in better shape by dropping those extra legacy applications and hardware? Let’s countdown the top five ways - ranked from least to most challenging - to slim and trim your IT environment from the inside out, for a sleek, modern and integrated system that can improve your company’s efficiency, agility and flexibility.  

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