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Avnet bloggers share their 2017 IT New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been a running gag on the internet that 2016 has been a trying year; thankfully it’s over and 2017 is upon us. Last year we recommended some New Year’s Resolutions to help slim and trim your IT environment – this year we opened it up to some of our regular blogger and asked them one question: What is your 2017 IT New Year’s Resolution?  Tim Camper, Sales Director "My 2017 IT New Year's Resolution is to avoid creating any more three-letter acronyms. I appreciate when things are easy to remember and acronyms do help my team and me to talk or write about products or solutions, but sometimes having all this lingo can be too much 'IT speak' and can get confusing."  Alisha Robinson, Demand Creation Specialist "My 2017 IT Resolution is to be more involved on social media. Specifically, I want to learn how to meme and hashtag with the best of them!" 

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New vs Used vs Remanufactured vs Refurbished

If you're confused by the different terms used by computer manufacturers and resellers, you're not alone. Many times buyers of IT equipment and hardware have questions about the difference between new and unused or remanufactured and refurbished when it comes to servers, storage and networking equipment. Not knowing the difference in this terminology can make it difficult to accurately compare prices. To alleviate this confusion and help you become a more informed consumer, here are some handy definitions of the most commonly-used terms.​

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When was the last time you tested your data recovery plan? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

​Did you know that up to 70 percent of companies go out of business after a major data loss? With a staggering figure like that, it’s not surprising that companies spend thousands of dollars to document and plan for how they should react in the event a disaster affects their IT data center.Typically IT data center hardware is used to run an organization’s IT processes and needs. When a disaster or data recovery plan is put in place, it prioritizes those systems and applications to identify how long they can be offline before there is a major impact to the business. 

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