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How long does it take to get actionable information from your systems?

There's a reason it's called BIG data. You've got masses of information available in your IT environment, but chances are it's siloed in disparate systems. The task of isolating pertinent information when you need it and where you need it can be a BIG challenge! 

For many companies, dealing with siloed data sources means dealing with:​

  • Several versions of the truth

  • Minimal or poor reporting solutions

  • Inability to view multiple sources of data on a consolidated interface

  • Difficulty reading, interpreting or applying data to drive necessary outcomes


Gathering and interpreting your data can be like trying to put a puzzle together. When you only have one or two pieces, there's no way you can see the big picture. When you can't see the big picture, then interpreting and applying the information becomes next to impossible.

Avnet can provide the means to integrate disparate data sources through an essential data warehouse repository so both the business and IT can visualize and understand data. We'll start with a roadmap personalized for your business, so you can visualize where you are on the analytics continuum, and where you need to be. ​

With the right Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tools, you can get to one version of the truth for the entire organization to leverage. 

Better BI means better business decisions ​

Preparing your data for consumption is one of the most difficult and time-consuming challenges. And leveraging that same data for different parts of the organization is critical to improving operational efficiencies and driving better business outcomes.

Properly organizing and managing your data can save money and stop the headaches that comes with managing data manually. Incorporating the right BI tools gives you intelligent insights and puts you in complete control of your own destiny.

  • Free up significant time and resources

  • Use a simplified user interface with automated data reporting

  • Gain better insight faster on your customers

  • Use your data to drive change

Avnet can help find the right big data solution to suit your environment and requirements. Let our BI experts show you how to translate "IT speak" to "business speak" so you can quickly and efficiently use your data to yield the best possible business outcomes. ​

Let's get started today!​​


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