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Ensure your enterprise applications allow for growth and optimal performance


There is a good chance your business is dependent on any number of business applications such as Microsoft®, SharePoint®, IBM® Software suite, SAP®, Oracle® or one of the many other enterprise applications. Customizing, developing and keeping them running without failure is a major responsibility.

Are you constantly playing catch-up to your systems and still experiencing things like:

  • Disruptions associated with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

  • Limitations in existing systems to meet or grow with market and customer expectations?

  • Inability to quickly identify patterns or problems across the business?

As you devote additional resources to maintaining your enterprise applications, you're taking resources away from other key business areas and innovation opportunities. Is this really the best use of your time?

Avnet works with organizations worldwide to consult, customize, develop, implement and manage enterprise applications. Our experts are versed not only in applications for large organizations, but for mid-sized businesses as well. Avnet's team of enterprise application experts make enterprise applications more accessible by engineering solutions specifically for your needs - providing you with the right functions at the right time to meet your business goals.  ​

Enterprise Application Solutions

Capture long-term benefits from high-impact enterprise applications​

Avnet's enterprise applications services help enhance capabilities, optimize performance and provide long-term benefits from investments in software applications. With a proper solution in place, you can improve agility with the ability to quickly identify business patterns and problems using consistent Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurements.

Avnet provides health checks, training, custom reporting, maintenance and helpdesk capabilities that improve and maintain performance of critical enterprise applications. We can also help develop, implement or make significant changes to high-impact enterprise applications.

Building and implementing the right solution to support your business needs is critical to achieving your goals and long-term optimal performance. Add a custom support package and you can be sure you get the most out of your core applications.


Applications that span the enterprise

SAP is an enterprise application that is quickly being adopted by mid-market organizations needing secure, scalable platforms. Discover if SAP is right for you.​

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If you're managing the lifecycle of your enterprise applications with HP​E® Application Lifecycle Management, it doesn't necessarily mean you're managing the lifecycle of your data.
Learn the difference.