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Application lifecycle management solutions deliver holistic control of applications and systems

DevOps is IT's hottest buzzword. It's a concept that is influencing a cultural shift where developers (Dev) and testing and systems administrators (Ops) function as one team with one shared goal: respond faster to market changes while reducing the production risk associated with frequent changes.

Simply put, DevOps can help you streamline the complete lifecycle of applications and systems across your entire enterprise through:

  • Cross-discipline collaboration

  • Evolving agile processes

  • Delivering application enhancements to scale

  • Implementing frequent changes with reduced risk​​

ALM Expert consulting a client

Application lifecycle management solutions turn concepts into reality ​​

Typically, development departments are driven by user demands for frequent delivery of new features, while operations departments focus more on availability, stability of IT services and IT cost efficiency. These contradicting goals create a gap between development and operations and slows IT's ability to deliver business value to its customers.

The DevOps concept provides flexibility and freedom for both groups by forming a new set of well-orchestrated and collaborative operating standards that increase release coordination and reduce change scope.

Developers still write code, but also can create servers to test and deploy that code and manage applications without having to wait on the system administrators. They can quickly update, test
and launch applications using automation without waiting for access or assistance.

System administrators can refocus attention on other business-critical projects. In a DevOps environment, they can manage multiple servers simultaneously in a simplified environment.

The DevOps processes include rapid, small, interactive development and deployment of applications based on user feedback, so the team can quickly improve an application's functionality, fix bugs and optimize the software delivery process. 

Recognize time and cost savings by enhancing synergies in a DevOps environment ​

Avnet's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) experts have deep experience in finding and enhancing the synergies in DevOps environments. They understand the intricacies and help you implement proven ALM tools and methodologies to build, test and deliver applications quickly and efficiently - saving time and money.​

  • ALM Consulting – From establishing compliant-driven processes to migration planning and training – Avnet's experienced ALM advisory team can show you how to get the most from your investments.


  • ALM Tools​ – Avnet has developed cost-effective ALM tools that provide a single repository to mitigate risk while improving and modernizing your application lifecycle. Manage data retention, access and destruction on one platform with controlled, enforceable workflows and electronic signatures.


Are your IT investments agile enough to meet the demands of the business? Talk to an ALM expert and find out​.

ALM Expertise

​Avnet has developed and implemented thousands of ALM projects. ​

ALM Risk Mitigation

Discover how to mitigate risks in your application lifecycle. ​