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Hybrid cloud is a reality for transformative businesses

The speed of cloud innovation is creating more choice and complexity than ever before. Fast evolution and wide variety of possibilities can make cloud migration and adoption an overwhelming task.

Services-based delivery is rapidly impacting technology consumption and driving organizations to look to flexible transaction models that address rising costs and growing demands on their data centers.

In today's world, cloud computing isn't just about public versus private cloud, it's about leveraging a cloud solution that is tailored and scaled to meet your business needs and support your priorities. 



​Using extensive cloud development and integration expertise, Avnet’s cloud solutions accelerate data center transformation.​

Does your business have the right cloud services to meet your needs?  ​

Whether its capacity challenges, workload management, large-scale change across your enterprise or complex data center automation initiatives, the right blend of public, private and hybrid cloud services can accelerate business growth.

No matter where you currently fall on the public, private or hybrid cloud continuum, get better insight to create better business outcomes by working with Avnet.

With an all-encompassing cloud ecosystem for global coverage, Avnet’s cloud solutions and services offerings are unmatched in the industry.

We take an unbiased and vendor-agnostic approach to streamline
your journey to the cloud and help you successfully meet your business requirements. Our tried and true maturity continuum can help you realize the power of next generation cloud computing and accelerate time to value.

Accelerate your data center transformation.
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Did you know? ​

The total Software Defi­ned Data Center market will grow at a compound annual rate of 28.8% between 2015 and 2020, and reach nearly $80 billion by period end. Are you prepared to take advantage of this growth? View the infographic.

Understand Cloud Computing from A – Z:  Read Avnet's guide to learning and understanding cloud terminology.

Avnet has built and implemented clouds for more than 1/3 of Fortune 100 companies. We can help with your cloud strategy​ too!​