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One source for IT asset management services that spans the entire IT lifecycle continuum ​

Avnet's technical experts offer personalized and customized care throughout the technology lifecycle continuum, so you can reduce complexity and cost without having to compromise on what you need. 

IT Lifecycle Management Value Continuum

Avnet provides services and support across the entire the IT lifecycle value continuum.

Using one IT asset management vendor provides flexibility, efficiency and risk mitigation from design to maturity and through to the asset's end-of-life.


  • Design –  design, validate and produce custom board, system and frame level products when what's needed is beyond the capabilities of off-the-shelf products 

  • Integration – configuring, integrating and installing complete compute, network and/or storage elements into multi-platform environments

  • Installation – extensive knowledge across various technology brands allows us to integrate and install solutions – remotely or on site – no matter the data center environment.​​

  • Maintenance – migrate to a single, global multi-vendor contract that eases management of your assets, including prolonging those at end-of-life and those coming off warrantee

  • Repair – leverage expert support for repairing at the integrated circuit level and returning more equipment and components to service

  • Remarket – maximize the value of your existing IT assets to insert back into your budget for upgrades and migrations

  • Refurbish – extend the life of your assets by refurbishing and redeploying them back into your environment

  • Recycle – retire excess and obsolete IT equipment with peace of mind knowing it's been sanitized of all data, recycled and disposed of at the highest industry and environmental standards

  • Technology Assistance Center (TAC) – use our team of certified technicians and engineers as your own with Level 1-3 support technical assistance and call center support available 24/7

  • Logistics – inventory, delivery and supply logistics management that save time and money and reduce risk

  • Financing and Leasing Services – free up cash flow with a variety of financing options, as well as rental programs, swing gear and buy backs options


Capitalize on cost-savings for your business by using personalized care and attention that's right for your infrastructure and your assets.   

Increase asset value and return with IT asset management services​

Purchasing and maintaining IT assets can sometimes feel like an uphill battle with many hidden and overlooked challenges along the way.

Are you managing multiple vendors to do the following?

  • Design and install new products

  • Integrate products and solutions into existing data environments

  • Provide maintenance and repair services

  • Refurbish, or remarket older assets

  • Recycle or retire excess and obsolete equipment the right way – while meeting all safety, environmental and compliance standards

  • Upgrade or move your data center

  • Finance all the pieces​

When it comes to dealing with IT asset management – it can be overwhelming!

Simplify and streamline this with one source for services that covers the entire IT lifecycle continuum. Avnet's IT lifecycle management business model can reduce complexity and create additional value for your business by providing a full complement of IT asset management services and best practices all from a single source.​​

Did you know?

Avnet can support your IT infrastructure from design to disposal? Find out where you currently fall 
on the IT Lifecycle continuum.​