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Reduce security and compliance risks with end-to-end infrastructure solutions

Data breaches and cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent every day. Many companies lack resources or facilities to identify and assess security gaps. However, high-end security consulting is expensive and it's hard to tell if your entire infrastructure is truly covered – end-to-end.

Securing data from mobile to cloud, as well as devices and endpoints throughout your entire organization requires trusted IT security and compliance solutions. From cyber security frameworks, to data integrity and authenticity, to governance and risk management, every device and location throughout your organization needs to be protected.

IT Security and Compliance Solutions by Avnet

Get a holistic, integrated and flexible security solution under one roof by leveraging Avnet's unique mix of IP and extensive network of top technology partners. 

Close security gaps in your IT infrastructure… before it's too late​

can provide tailored assessments and health checks to identify security gaps and help prevent breaches in your data and access management systems, network and endpoint environments, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems or security frameworks.

Big numbers mean big benefits. Avnet has the numbers in years of experience, global reach and market-leading partnerships to provide exceptional value:

  • 1000+ successful security projects

  • 500+ security implementations

  • 19,000+ global employees

  • 90+ years in the business

Let our experts​ prepare the most cost-effective, secure, compliant, and agile information security management strategy based specifically on your company's needs.
That way, you can maintain complete regulatory and IT security compliance and peace of mind by knowing you've got end-to-end information security protection.

Start with a Vulnerability Assessment​ for a comprehensive scan and risk analysis.


Did you know?​

​Security can be one of the major roadblocks in your cloud strategy. Are you cloud-ready? Download the whitepaper​.

​The average cost of a data breach is $3.8 million. Protect yourself even after you end-of-life your assets. Learn more.​