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Solve a broader set of business problems with Avnet Solutions

Technology is changing how business is done in today's world. It's rapidly changing industries and the way we consume and deliver information daily. These changes are creating new and exciting business models that are driven by consumer choice, but that choice creates complexity.

Avnet can help simplify the options in addressing your most complex business problems through our distinctive portfolio of Solutions and methodologies built from years of real-world experience.

Avnet Solutions are built to help companies explore, discover, plan, evaluate, architect, implement, understand, train, maintain and dispose of their technology investments.

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Avnet Solutions Ecosystem


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Solutions 

Cost-effective ALM tools that provide a single repository to mitigate risk while improving and modernizing your application lifecycle. Manage data retention, access and destruction on one platform with controlled, enforceable workflows and electronic signatures.

Avnet Archive Manager 
- Ingest and store your HP® Quality Center (QC) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) requirements, tests, runs and defects from various versions and multiple environments on a single, common platform.

Avnet eApprove​
– Get a controlled, enforceable workflow with electronic signatures and eliminate paper-based processes that are expensive and inefficient. Use Avnet eApprove and HP® ALM together and create a streamlined, paperless Test Management process that lowers validation testing costs.​




Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions ​

When it comes to Business Intelligence solutions, one size does not fit all. Avnet BI tools and solutions reveal meaningful insights from your data using one source of the truth.

Edge Solutions​ - Eliminate manual processes and get useable data on demand. Avnet's Edge solutions provide industry-specific software that delivers better operational reporting so you can gain insights about your customers' spending behaviors.


File Processing Hub - Transfer information easily, securely and consistently between and within organizations with Avnet's File Processing Hub. This powerful application automates all file movements, helping you to increase productivity, centralize control and reduce costs for your organization. File Processing Hub caters to all file types, including: text, csv, xml and full audit tracking and error reporting are available within the application.

BI Accelerators​ - Get the most from your Business Intelligence tools. Avnet's BI Accelerators enhance the power of your existing BI tools, overcome challenges, help you manage data better and enable you to maximize the return from your BI. Accelerators are sold as a suite or individually, depending on requirements



Cloud and Process Automation Solutions

Increase productivity, efficiencies and performance while reducing manual errors by bringing automation and orchestration to existing infrastructures. Process gaps and inefficiencies are identified and closed, which saves time and money.

Integration and Orchestration for VMware® – Avnet's end-to-end VMware plug-in solutions offer the right products and services that augment your IT environment. With cross-process integration, interfaces written in other programs and platforms across multiple vendors can each directly communicate with VMware APIs.

Integration Packs for Odin™ Service Automation – Automation, data, event and cloud integration, Avnet can develop, deploy and support any Application Packaging Standard (APS) package to accelerate your cloud offering. Expand your capabilities and earn additional revenue by offering services through the cloud.



Cloud Migration Solutions ​

Confidently move to the cloud with a consistent, repeatable and reliable IT environment. After onboarding, you have the freedom to move between cloud providers or from an on-premise environment into the cloud – all based on your needs during any particular time, and without being locked to one cloud provider.

Data Migration and CMDB Configuration Management – Build and maintain your CMDB using your existing data repositories for a unified service model that provides one source of the truth among disparate data sources. Avnet's Seamless Data Pump™​ will reduce your time-to-value on IT operations and DevOps projects while getting your infrastructure cloud-ready.

Middleware Configuration Automation Tools – Automate configuration changes and applications deployments across both commercial and open source middleware platforms. With TALOS, you can improve deployment times while reducing risks and errors associated with manually deploying applications.

UNITY Software Suite – Gain valuable understanding of your renewals, license and contract management position with Avnet. UNITY provides all contract and agreement information in one single view, helping you gain instant insight and act fast on important decisions. Watch the video!



Enterprise Integration Solutions ​

Consolidate hardware monitoring with API-based and multi-threaded technology for a heterogeneous server platform and operation system with optimal volume-handling capabilities.

Event and Ticket Integration 
– Integrate BMC® TrueSight® Operations Management™ capabilities with third-party management tools for a simplified, convenient and cohesive environment. Avnet's series of event and ticket integration products​  allow for bi-directional data flow so you can manage enterprise-wide data on one console.

CMDB Configuration management
– Our approach to CMDB automation enables discovery and dependency mapping that leverages your existing investment in tools, people, and processes. Avnet's Seamless Data Pump continuously synchronizes configuration items (CIs), relationships and attributes to support a federated CMDB.  Our out-of-the-box solution can be complementary to dynamic tools such as BMC Discovery, ServiceNow Discovery, HPE Universal Discovery, or standalone, depending on your maturity and needs.



Performance Management Solutions ​

Avnet's performance management solutions help you manage both infrastructure and enterprise-level applications, including performance monitoring and capacity planning.

Avnet BSP Software Suite​
  – Simplify complexities while maintaining a clean, healthy and effective IBM Cognos environment. Avnet offers a full line of performance and administration tools to extend the power and capabilities of your IBM Cognos solution.​